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Welcome! This website is the site where Andrew O'Keeffe of Hardwired Humans sells his books. Also note that both books are also available as e-books from your preferred e-book channel.

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Hardwired Humans

Successful Leadership Using Human Instincts

Hardwired Humans

Offices are not our natural habitat. Leadership is easier when you understand the nine instincts that still drive human behaviour.

Hardwired Humans shares a practical framework that helps makes sense of human behaviour and allows leaders to manage more effectively.

With the Industrial Revolution only 250 years ago, we left our hunting, gathering and village societies to work in offices and factories. However, we did not leave behind the instincts of social interaction we inherited from our ancestors. The behaviour that ensured our survival on the savannah plains of Africa causes tremendous challenges in today's workplace. Yet an understanding of instinctive behaviour also provides solutions to the challenges that leaders commonly face.

As you read this entertaining book, you will learn how the instincts of clan connections, hierarchy, gossip, politics, snap judgments, status displays and sexual competition continue to drive modern office interactions just as they have driven human interaction for millennia.

At our core we are social animals. In Hardwired Humans, understanding our nature as social animals is enhanced by sharing true stories about chimpanzees from Taronga Zoo, Sydney and Gombe, Tanzania.  

Witty and well researched, this actionable framework will bring you back to the basics of human nature and guide you down the path to effective leadership in the 21st century.  

'A compelling book … '
Dr Jane Goodall, primatologist and UN Ambassador for Peace

'This excellent, entertaining book introduces the ideas of modern evolutionary psychology and their relevance for life and business. It does so with style and wit. The blend of evidence from research on apes with insights about human behaviour tells the story of what it takes to be human in a most engaging fashion.'
Nigel Nicholson, professor of organisational behaviour, London Business School

'Instincts transformed our approach to managing change.'
Harry van Dyk, managing director, Philips Australia and New Zealand

'With its strong practical focus, Hardwired Humans demystifies one of the greatest challenges of leadership and helps our leaders build highly engaged employees that drive strong financial performance.'
Craig Scroggie, vice president and managing director Pacific Region, Symantec

'Hardwired Humans represents a fresh and insightful approach to HR practice that I wish I had the benefit of years ago.'
Andria Wyman-Clarke, vice president human resources, Thales Australia






The Boss

The Boss

The Boss is a novel based on true stories about bosses.

The Boss is based on true stories gathered by the author over many years. The book tells a story about the impact of work on the human spirit.

Lauren Johnson is a talented marketing professional in her thirties who changes jobs to escape the torment of a horrid manager. But her dream job turns sour due to the erratic behaviour of the dysfunctional executive team. Lauren just wants to do her job, but is constantly obstructed by the intimidating tactics of some managers, or the compliant behaviour of others, until finally she has to respond or have her spirit crushed.

Underpinning the story are two leadership concepts. The first is our hardwired instincts as humans (see Hardwired Humans for the 9 instincts) and the second is the leadership model from Human Synergistics: the boss characters are either constructive, passive or aggressive managers.

The Boss was honoured as a finalist in the Best New Fiction category of USA Book News "National Best Books 2009 Awards"

'One of the best business books I have read this year.'
Geraldine McBride, then CEO of SAP Australia and New Zealand, reported in AFR Boss magazine

'A must read....'
Human Resources Magazine

'Deftly written...'
The Australian

' The Boss is a great read, and thoroughly recommended.'
Murray Peters, radio 2ST


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The books are also published as e-books available through your preferred e-book channel.

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Hardwired Humans (hardcover, 244 pages, Roundtable Press) has a recommended retail price of $AUD39.95. The price reduces for bulk orders of 16 books or more (1 carton or more).

The Boss (hardcover, 264 pages, Greenleaf Book Group) has a recommended retail price of $AUD34.50. The price reduces for bulk orders of 22 books or more (1 carton or more). 

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About the Author
Andrew O'Keeffe has worked in senior roles with IBM, Cable & Wireless Optus, SKM and Hewitt Associates. Early in his career he worked in industrial relations in the mining and manufacturing industries. He is an associate of three of Australia's leading business schools and author of the celebrated novel The Boss. Andrew grew up in Broken Hill, Australia, studied economics and industrial relations at The University of Sydney and now lives in Sydney and consults in the human dimension of organisations through his consulting firm, Hardwired Humans.


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