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Yes, I would like to order Hardwired Humans and/or The Boss.

Please follow the following steps.

Our payment system is secure through the Westpac PayWay service. 

Hardwired Humans (hardcover, 244 pages, Roundtable Press) has a recommended retail price of $AUD39.95. The price reduces for bulk orders of 16 books or more (1 carton or more).

The Boss (hardcover, 264 pages, Greenleaf Book Group) has a recommended retail price of $AUD34.50. The price reduces for bulk orders of 22 books or more (1 carton or more).

To calculate prices in any other currency, use a currency website such as

Postage costs to your country will be itemised before you commit to your order. Books are shipped from Australia. For orders of more than 10 copies of The Boss we can also ship from the USA.

For orders of more than 10 books in total (including both titles) per purchase, please contact us to enquire about cost of postage.

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Credit Card Security
If you continue beyond this page, you will be asked to confirm your purchase details. Then, if you continue with your purchase, your payment will be processed by Westpac's secure PayWay payment system. Their credit card payments system is secure & encrypted, and is managed by one of Australia's largest banks. If your payment is processed successfully you will receive a receipt which you can use if you need to contact us with an enquiry.

Our Returns Policy:
If you return your purchased book(s) unopened or in original condition within 14 days, along with your order ID, we will give a full refund.

Orders for Australia and New Zealand are shipped every Friday by Packforce, a division of Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Delivery within Australia is normally within 3-5 working days and 1 week for NZ. International deliveries are posted economy airfreight and should normally arrive within 2-3 weeks.


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